Drawbar water edge introduction: What are the structural characteristics of the drawbar?

2021-03-16 13:56

Tow bar refers to an indispensable accessory in a variety of mechanical devices. The tow bar is a traction coupling device used between railway vehicles, but it is different from the coupler. The tow bar is a fixed connection device between the car bodies. It only needs to be disassembled in the plant section and not required in the line operation. break down. Do you know what its structural characteristics are? Let’s follow the editor of Drawbar water edge to have a simple understanding!
The truck tow bar can be divided into three types of structures, namely, one end rotating and one end fixed structure, two ends fixed structure and two ends rotating structure. In order to have good interchangeability, both ends of the tow bar adopt F-type standard hook tail structure. The fixed end tail adopts a spherical structure, and a columnar adjustment shoulder with automatic centering function is added to the side of the tail end, so that the tow bar has the function of automatically resetting the coupler in addition to improving the vehicle's ability to pass through the curve; the rotating end tail is global The surface structure can be flexibly rotated 360 degrees in the rotating tail frame together with the rotating sleeve sleeved on the outside.
In order to ensure the casting manufacturability of the structure, the symmetrical positions of the upper and lower sides of the drawbar are opened with process holes, and the structure of the upper section of the large arc transition and the lower section of the small arc transition is adopted, which greatly avoids casting defects such as shrinkage holes. In order to prolong the service life of the traction rod, the traction rod is provided with a groove at the contact part of the joist on the car body for welding the wear plate.
In summary, the editor of Drawbar water edge tells: a brief introduction to the structural characteristics of the drawbar. I hope you can learn more through the introduction of the editor.

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